We can provide a review of your property portfolio to check whether all properties are performing as well as they should and whether you are achieving the optimal return on investment and capital employed. This is a unique service and one often not offered in the marketplace.

We will examine the core metrics of your portfolio including mortgage rates, the way that you hold your properties (i.e. in your personal name or a limited company / partnership), the current market rent that you are charging, the return on capital employed that you are achieving across your portfolio etc.

After this review many of our clients are able to increase their rents, release equity from their existing portfolio to enable them to purchase more properties and make small changes to their portfolio that makes it more profitable.

We provide our clients with a written report following the review so that they have an action plan with immediate action points to follow.

We have relationships with specialist mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors that can implement any recommendations that we make as part of our review if a client does not already have any existing relationships with these professionals.

An overview of the performance of your residential property portfolio concentrating on key metrics such as yield, return on investment, return and capital employed and calculation of deployable capital.

Assistance with preparing a plan to grow a residential property portfolio.

A compliance review to ensure that you have the correct mortgages, legal agreements, HMO paperwork, documents and insurance in place and are operating your business properly and that it is legally compliant.