Olan Property Consultants

With over 40 years experience in the residential property sector, the Directors of Olan Property Consultants have built up substantial property portfolios and can help you do the same.

With our help and guidance, we can help you:

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At Olan Property Consultants we offer a range of services from Mentorship to Zoom Consultation.

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We offer a bespoke one to one property mentorship programme for those wishing to grow a residential property portfolio. We can help and assist you expand your portfolio and work with you to establish your property goals and then to reach and exceed those goals.

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Portfolio Review

We can provide a review of your property portfolio to check whether all properties are performing as well as they should and whether you are achieving the optimal return on investment and capital employed. This is a unique service and one often not offered in the marketplace.

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Guided Property Tour

We can provide guided tours of Rotherham and Coventry to clients who wish to invest in these areas. We can show you the areas where there is strong demand for residential rental property and also tell you the areas that are best avoided.

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Zoom Consultation

A Zoom consultation with our directors to discuss any aspect of your property portfolio or anything property related. We can discuss any residential property query that you may have ranging from simple queries about how to calculate a rental property yield right through to technical questions about legislation.

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Find out what people are saying about Olan Property Consultants.

Pat and Gerard and both highly proficient and knowledgeable in the field of property, my experience with them was very educational and eye-opening. As a landlord, I have previously viewed a number of properties myself, but they both were able to quickly pick out a number of potential issues with the properties that we viewed that I would not even have thought of looking for. They are fully capable of analysing all aspects of a property deal quickly and efficiently; both structural issues and deal analysis are thoroughly and expertly dealt with. They impart their knowledge in a professional, objective, honest and non-condescending manner, which makes the experience enjoyable and constructive and makes them great to do business with.
- Badar
Olan Property Consultancy are assets to those seeking property-loving educationalists.

"Anyone can get rich. All you need is a positive mindset and a few quid to hand over to a self-styled ‘guru’ who will teach you the secret to financial freedom."

That’s what a large percentage of property trainers would want you to believe and that is why I needed to write this testimonial.

Having trawled through the deluge of information on the internet and the usual attending of the mundane property network work meetings I decided I needed a mentor and company that could tailor a course that was relevant and bespoke to my needs. Having had a Iengthy discussion with Patrick I quickly realised how informative, direct and honest he and his team were without the unnecessary trying to sell me a passive income or financial freedom package.

Clearly a well-established experienced property company and mentor in his field, he offered me subtle guidance for further exploration and general direction in setting up the business foundations for my success. There was no talk of products/services to sell which is so often the case, which helped in establishing a genuine dynamic relationship of trust.

The whole of the Olan Property Consultancy team are full of fantastic individuals who are relentless and honest about property and have a clear mandate about how educating the people who take up this opportunity should be. So I’d like to thank you so much for all your amazing input and if a company was ever at the forefront of the property education game it is 100% Olan Property Consultancy.
- Mr Michael Cullen (BSc) (NPQSL)